BBQ Pits

Wouldn’t you as the head of the team appreciate having BBQ activities within the same working premise? Such activities are now a modern common practice in small-medium enterprises and multinational corporations alike as they are great and affordable alternatives to bonding a team together.

To be able to work as a team is key to any company’s success and it is always critical to ensure your team stays snug and tight together. Hence, with BBQ pits available for booking within the office premise, you can have the convenience to organize one so close to your workplace anytime you want to whenever there are available slots. Booking a pit is just a few floors or a phone call away at an affordable fee, and you will be able to foster the camaraderie within the team with sizzling fun and laughter.

Located amongst other full recreational facilities available such as swimming pools and tennis courts in a relaxed outdoor environment, you will also be able to easily organize additional activities for a more well-rounded bonding programme. From organizing a water polo game to a tennis tournament, it is all up to your creativity to decide how you would like to strengthen the bond and boost the morale of your team.