Heavy Duty Loading Bay

As always, we are totally aware of small business owners who are also looking for an office space with logistics operations benefits. Hence, we do not restrict our benefits to business operations just within offices. With the availability of a heavy duty loading bay, businesses that involve logistic operations will also be able to base their business operations here with the utmost confidence.

A heavy duty loading bay is designed to meet the needs of demanding logistical duties. As a result, any business that deals with cargo packed in 20-40ft containers will be able to utilize the facility for a smooth transfer. Furthermore, it consists of multiple docks and cargo lifts rather than one. This is also to prevent any chance of delays during any logistical operations process. Last but not least, it is also fully sheltered to ensure no interruption in cargo transfer due to rainy weather.

Usually, office spaces with a loading bay are costly. However, we have managed to keep rental fees reasonably low in order to feed your business aspirations for success. So, why not get in touch with us to learn more about our office spaces and affordable rental fees.