Swimming Pool

It is common knowledge among the masses that swimming is one of the most versatile sport, as it can help to keep one fit or to feel relaxed depending on the objectives. We are also aware about how important it is to have a buffer between work and life. Hence, we are able to provide all tenants the privilege of having a swimming pool within the office premise to help achieve a work-life balance.

Though the pool is designed to be wide enough for ambitious swimmers, leisure swimmers are also able to relax themselves by simply dipping in it or swim with light strokes. For pure relaxation, there is also an integrated jacuzzi for any swimmer to enter and just chill out.

Since the pool adjoins to other facilities such as the tennis courts and the BBQ pits as well, you will also be able to easily organize a small team-bonding session that packs a whole lot of fun and a ton of socializing.