Tennis Court

Tennis has always been a sought-after sport in the corporate world. Exchanging hard strokes and strategies to cause a miss can be incredibly challenging and fun at the same time. Thankfully, we did not give a miss to such an incredible sport. We have not one but two full-sized tennis courts to cater to small and medium enterprise tennis superstars.

It is all up to one’s creativity to organize a fun session in the tennis courts. Not only must it be an office Wimbledon tournament. There can also be an organized tennis class to groom everyone up to be a champion too, or something more unorthodox by setting your own limitations to the rules. At the end of the day, it is all about having fun and keeping the adrenaline going with your colleagues by keeping the team fresh and motivated.

Adjacent to the BBQ pits and the swimming pool, organizing a small scale communal activity within the company has never been easier and convenient. Re-energizing with a BBQ session and relaxing after a game in the pool are great activities to engage in as a team after an intensive game of tennis. All work and no fun could be a drag in time to come.